IEX Share Price Target 2023,2024 to 2030

IEX share price target and share fundamental analysis is sharing in this article. we have deeply analysis of IEX share price target with all technical and fundamental aspects.

IEX Company Overview

Indian electronic system-based power trading exchange company called IEX (Indian Energy Exchange). In this article, we assess the Indian Energy Exchange Company’s operations.

iex share price target

India’s earliest and most prominent electricity trading exchange is called Indian Energy Exchange Limited (IEX). On June 27, 2008, the business formally launched.

Over 96% of the volume of power exchanged has traded on IEX, making it the market leader. The corporate headquarters are in India’s New Delhi. 

The leading energy exchange in India known as IEX. It offers a national electronic trading system for the actual supply of electricity, renewable energy, and certifications.The IEX carries out trading in energy much like the stock exchange does with orders for shares.

These IEX exchange systems facilitate effective price discovery and raise the country’s power market’s accessibility and transparency. Additionally, it improves the effectiveness and speed of trade execution.

With more than 6,900 participants spread throughout 29 States and 5 Union Territories, including 600+ conventional generators and more than 59 distribution utilities, the Indian Energy Exchange has a robust ecosystem.

IEX Share Price Target Technical Analysis

The IEX is competent in giving good returns to its investors. Its net worth was just ₹283.89 Cr in March 2018, but it saw tremendous growth in 2022 and rose to ₹702 Cr.

The reserves and surplus also saw growth, and it was ₹253 Cr. In March 2018 and rose to ₹613 Cr. In 2022. If we analyze the profit and loss accounts of IEX company, its net income in March’18 was just ₹257 Cr. And ₹478 Cr. In March 2022.

 If we see the critical financial ratios, then the return on net worth also increased from 2019 to 2022. In March 2019, it was 44; in 2022, it rose to 46.

The current share price of IEX is ₹175 per share. In this article, we will predict the future share prices of IEX company. After assessing all the important ratios, balance sheets, and profit and loss accounts, it is a well-analyzed prediction.

IEX Share price target 2023

Due to its strong monopoly business and ability to reward owners, iex’s stock has generated enormous profits quickly. Numerous positive developments in the company’s operations have caused a significant increase in the share price.

In a manner, the IEX company resembles a monopoly occupancy of the market. Due to the exclusivity only IEX has over the electrical exchange; there is every chance that future returns will be profitable.

FIIs and DIIs have been gradually expanding their stakes in this stock for a while, and most recently, the company has spotted awarding bonuses based on a 4:2 shareholder dividend distribution.

After assessing this year’s company performance for the year 2023, we can predict its share can value of ₹218, and the second target is ₹234.

YearTarget Price

IEX Share price target 2024

The market for this industry observed to be expanding with a big boom over the past few years due to the rise in demand for power and electricity. As a result, more fuel and electricity has traded at the Indian Energy Exchange. The company’s business is consistently growing due to the rise in trading volume.

How individuals have begun to use power and electricity more and more has led to an increase in both the purchase and sale of items on the IEX platform. The company’s revenue and profit are also increasing significantly along with the rise in trade volume.

Looking at the growing business of IEX company, we can forecast that its first share target is ₹290 and our second target is ₹340.

IEX Share price target 2025

The firm can only expand if more people use IEX’s digital trading platform to buy electricity and power. The more these purchases are sold, the more brokerage fees the company will earn.

To provide better convenience to its consumers, Indian Energy Exchange is continually working to develop its digital trading platform by utilizing innovative services like Automatic Process and Artificial Intelligence technology. As a result, it is evident that every consumer, no matter how small or large, are steadily joining the IEX platform.

Our first target for 2025 is ₹800, and our second target is ₹1000.

IEX Share Price Target 2030

For its wholly-owned subsidiary IGX, IEX has established numerous strategic alliances. In the most recent collaboration, IEX sold the partner about a 4.93 percent share in the Indian Oil Corporation of India (IOCL).

The government’s goal of boosting the contribution of gas in the energy mix to 15% by 2030 would be more closely aligned between IGX and the Indian gas market with the onboarding of IOCL as a strategic partner.

After analyzing the company’s planning to expand it’s business and financials, we can predict its first share target is ₹3000 and the second target is ₹3500.


If you examine IEX’s financial performance, you will notice that revenue and profit consistently increase yearly. The most crucial fact is that, despite the pandemic, the company’s financial performance did not appear to be much damaged. This demonstrates the resilience of the company’s operation.

The company’s debt is not what it seems to be when you look at it, which means that IEX can quickly stop doing business in the future.

My opinion

When considering IEX’s business, they are excellent places to make long-term investments. However, if you think the symmetry in the industry, the company’s share price is often perfectfor investing in over the long run.

However, the company’s stock price typically trades at a very high level. If the market drops slightly, you might consider keeping this stock in your portfolio for a while.

However, remember that this text is intended to educate readers about the IEX company’s operation, so do not forget to examine yourself before investing at any cost.

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