Zeel Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Hello!! My dear friends, we’ve gathered once more to examine a new company’s share earnings estimates. Zeel Share Price Target 2022, 2023, and 2025 is the business whose stock price objective we’ll examine today. Zeel has already achieved our targets.

One of India’s biggest and most successful organizations is Zee Television Enterprises Limited. It is one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of entertainment content, having a collection of over 250000 hours of television programming.

Zee has the nation’s biggest Hindi cinema library, with access to more than 4200 movies from major studios and notable actors. Zee engages over 1.3 billion consumers in over 170 countries with its global footprint. Zee and its associated companies are market leaders in television broadcasting, cable transmission, direct-to-home satellite communication, digital technology, and newspapers, among other areas.

Zeel Share Price fundamental Analysis

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. was established in 1982. The current share price is 240. Its current market capitalization is Rs 35669.54 crore. The company reported gross sales of Rs. 66694 crore and an overall income of Rs.69298 crore in the modern region.

It is now listed on the BSE with the BSE Code 505537, the NSE with the NSE sign ZEEL, and the ISIN INE256A01028.

Zeel Share Price forecast

ZeeL is an abbreviation for Zee Entertainment. This firm is likewise excellent. It is one of the media industry’s behemoths. It has been in a decline for quite some time, but it has just been spotted trading upwards, and technical analysis suggests that it can provide good targets by busting out upwards.

As a result, we’ve decided to investigate Zee Entertainment. So, in this piece, we’ll look at several parts of Zeel Share Price Target 2022’s Share Price Research and Fundamental Evaluation, and then decide to choose whether or not to buy the stock.

Zeel Share Price Target For 2022

As previously said, Zee Entertainment is a fantastic organization. The rationale for this is that this firm has provided such fantastic returns to shareholders in the past that no shareholder looks confused to applaud it. In March 2007, ZEE Media was listed on the NSE and BSE. Following that, the first year showed a modest decrease. When the stock began its upward climb after that, it never looked back.

When we look at the technical graphs, we can see that the first potential target that the ZEEL share can obtain in the year 2022 is around Rs.310, and after achieving those levels, the share price will drop for a while, but due to the demand for their products and services in the global market, we can see that the possible alternative target is around Rs.360.

Zeel Share Price Target For 2023

The stockholders of Zeel and Sony will reap significant profits from the transaction. Sony Pictures is expected to make a large investment of $157.5 million in the coming days. It is expected to grow considerably more in the next few days.

When we estimate the first goal stock value for the financial year 2023 is somewhere around Rs.450, and after obtaining that valuation, they also showcase a similar pattern in the budgetary year 2023.

This time zeel exhibits some falling style for a while as is the legitimate attribute of a share, we will expect the second goal for the same year is set or around Rs.550. After recovering from this collapse, we will believe the current objective for the same year is set or around Rs.600.

Zeel Share Price Target For 2024

In the year 2024, we anticipate two viable targets for ZEEL’s stock value, which they could easily achieve due to their good or service increasing demand in the consumer market, which will be a main requirement result for the human race, so we predict the first potential goal to be Rs.700 and the second feasible goal to be around Rs.760.

Zeel Share Price Target For 2025

If we talk about right now, Zeel’s business is in roughly 194 countries, while Sony’s company is in 169. There would be few countries where this corporation does not have a presence after this acquisition. Zeel will become the largest media and entertainment business in the next few days. Zeel’s share price objective can be seen by 2025, with the first objective of Rs 800. The second target you can maintain is 840 rupees after that.

If we talk about 2030 ZEEL has the potential to be a fantastic entertainment company. Its performance is good because of its work ethic and the way they handle customers, which has helped them achieve the number one spot in its respective discipline, which can be seen by looking at the share price target for ZEEL.

We believe the first viable objective they can meet is around Rs 1600, and the second viable aim is around Rs.1920.


The financial performance forecast for Zeel corporation limited has been based on historical trends and the forecasted value of the company stock in the following year.

Zeel’s company will be able to see you in the future at a very good price. The company’s financials also appear to be substantially better. As a result, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the country’s largest investor, sees his ownership in this stock increase significantly.

As a result, Zeel’s stock has the potential to provide excellent long-term gains. If you want to invest in this stock, you need first to research the company’s operations.

In the long term, ZEEL investments can be very profitable for Zeel, as it has a strong presence in its area. If you’re thinking of investing in a Zeel company, I hope you find this article helpful and informative. 

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