Top Reasons Why Online Banners Are Still Powerful in Advertising

Banners have a history that goes deep back into old times. In the past, people used banners to do all sorts of things; banners were flags to distinguish one state from all others, and another type of banner called vexillum would accompany armies to the battlefield.

Things have changed dramatically, and banners have been used in offline and online advertising.

Online Banners Are Still Powerful in Advertising

Thanks to their functionality, banners are a staple in the marketing industry and are stronger than ever; digital transformation had a huge influence on banners, resulting in a new form of advertising we’ll spotlight in our article today.

Banners are an advertising powerhouse

Banners are efficient and impactful, linking the company to the outside world. They help familiarize the public with the brand. On average, it takes eight to twenty-one touch points between the brand and potential clients before they turn into buyers.

That’s where banners’ importance lies; banners are consistent reminders that a brand, its products, and its latest offers are of high quality.

When it comes to brand awareness, banners show the biggest impact. If people are aware of your brand, it means they can recall and recognize it.

Naturally, the more times people see a banner, the more they trust the business and become inclined to make a purchase. Although it is a long-term process, it’s definitely worth it.

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Banners are relatively easy to make and use

A banner is a work of visual art with visual elements such as illustrations and pictures. It uses a font consistent with the message it delivers, and it’s supposed to have a purposeful combination of colors intended to influence people; however, it’s not exactly a Van Gogh painting.

You don’t have to be an artist to create an impactful banner. Nowadays, you can use an online banner maker to generate the right banner you need.

Not only are banners easy to make, but they’re also convenient to use. Once a vision is set for a banner, it can be customized to be shared on different platforms.

The same banner can be tweaked a little bit to fit a webpage article, Facebook cover picture, or YouTube channel header. Plus, a banner can be modified in dimensions or content easily.

For convenient and fast promotion of your business and creation of banner ads, you can buy Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products on the GGSel online platform.

Banners are diverse

The best-known distinction between online banners is static and animated; however, those can also be subcategorized into other groups.

Featured image

In a blog article, a featured image occupies a central position, representing an article’s content; the featured image is displayed if an article is shared on another platform, such as Facebook. Because of this, it’s meant to attract people to click.

Pop-up banner

what sets this type apart is its mechanism. This banner appears on the screen after someone downloads a file from a website, attempts to leave the website, or does another action set by the website admin.


a skyscraper banner is very defined in terms of dimensions: 120x600px and 160x600px. As the name suggests, it is vertical and thinner than other types of banners.

Banners are flexible in pricing

Banners have become cheaper, as their cost has been in decline. It is great news if you want an effective ad without paying tons of money. Not only are banners relatively cheaper than others, but they also come in flexible payment plans. Here are a few examples:

The most common type of payment is pay-per-impression. This is a model in which payment is made every time someone has the banner displayed on their screen. It may sound excessive, but it isn’t that pricy, and it could even be 50 cents per 1000 impressions.

Another type is pay-per-click, the same model as pay-per-impression, except that payment, is done only if someone clicks on the banner ad.

There are some tips for banner design you have to consider before placing that as an ad. A third type is paying a one-time sum of money in exchange for having a banner on a website for an agreed-upon time.

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Banners offer a lot of benefits for very little effort and money. They are some of the cheapest forms of ads out there. Additionally, they are very easy to design and customize and can be used on many platforms.

In return, they work instantly if a viewer clicks and makes a purchase, and they work long-term by keeping the brand consistently in sight. The cost-to-benefit ratio of online banners is very clear and conclusive: banners are a win-win investment.

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