Asian paints stock price forecast 2022, 2023,2024, 2025

Hello friends, if you are planning to earn money from the stock market in 2021-22. If you want to get information about the Asian paints to share price target, then today in this article we will provide you information according to the technical analysis of Asian Paints Company.

The company is India’s largest paint-making company. Asian Paints company was established in 1942 and since then, Asian Paints Ltd makes the paint for industrial automotive. Besides this, the company manufactures different kinds of products like Wall Primer, Wood Primer, Putty, Stainers, etc. Using cutting-edge technology.

They also have a large and experienced R&D team. The team successfully developed high-end exterior finishes and wood finishes in-house. The company says these products they are selling under the names PU wood finish and Asian Paints Elastomeric Hi-Stretch exterior paint, respectively. 

Asian paints fundamental Analysis

As of 1st January 1999, when the company got listed on the stock exchange, the share price of the company was around RS.12-15 INR.

However, in January 2022 Asian paints market share price of the company is around INR 3,585.00 RS. Asian Paints Company has given a lot of profits to its shareholder.

Due to this, other people are showing interest in purchasing the shares of this company.

The earnings of the company are increasing every year and due to this, the shareholders of the company are also getting good returns.
The share price of this company is costly in 2021. However, in the future, this company is going to go a long way and give better returns to its shareholders. After analyzing the company’s last year’s figures, the company has always made a profit.

Asian paints Share Price Target

Here, we also help you to predict the share price target of Asian Paints for the years 2022,2023,2024,2025. On top of that, we used different criteria and terms which help you to decide whether the investment in the stock of Asian paints is a matter of profit or loss.

Asian paints Share Price TargetFor 2022

This Asian Paint is India’s biggest paint maker company. This company is working in India since its independence and the company is also successful in fulfilling the demand of its customer.

The key point for the company’s achievement rests on that the company produces paints as per the needs of its customers. The Company has entire knowledge about which paint is in demand in the market and the company meets that demand every year.
The technical data of this company is presenting that the company earns profit every year and the company’s earnings are also increasing. Asian Paint’s share price in 2022 will have a target price of Rs 3,695.00 and another Asian paint share price target of Rs 3,760.00.

Asian paints Share Price Target For 2023

According to the data for the last 5 years, we can predict that the company has benefited a lot. The company will continue to give this benefit in the future also. It is the single largest company in India and is the first to fulfil the customer’s paint demand in the market.
The company is introducing new technology to its products every year. The company launches new products in 2 years to increase its business.

From the data of the last 15 years of this company, we can predict that every year the company has introduced some new product in the market. The company has also got good feedback from the customers.
The share price forecasted for Asian Paints in 2023 will be RS. 3,950.00 and other Asian paint’s share price target will be 4,240.00 RS.

Asian paints share Price For 2024

We can predict that the first share price target for the year 2024 will surpass around Rs4530 and that after passing their high, they will show some upward trend. We can predict that the second possible target that they will find is around Rs4760.

Asian paints share Price For 2025

Many companies have come to give stiff competition to this Asian Paints company in the market. In addition, the company’s figures are showing that there is unbreakable trust between the company and the customers.
The company meets all its demands to make its customer satisfied and the customer of the company also have confidence in the company. Asian Paints Company has come a long way due to customer belief and will continue to benefit the company in the future. Asian paint’s share price target in 2025 is Rs. 4,970.00 Second Target Price of Rs. 5,120.00 will remain.

The Asian Paints Company works according to the market and customer needs and wants.

The company has introduced new technology in its paints, In the future, it will use its new technology more. In the coming times, the company can export more of its products to foreign countries.
Furthermore, from an expert’s perspective, the prediction for the stock price of Asian Paints in 2030 will be Rs. 5,680.00 and another Asian paints target price of Rs. 6,590.00 may remain.


In conclusion, After analyzing the whole technical and fundamental analysis of Asian paints ltd. Asian Paint’s share price can give better profits in the future. The technical data of the company predicts that the company can fulfil the expectations of its customers.
Moreover, This company is running since 1942, the most important reason for this is that the customer’s trust in the company is good. Most importantly, the products of the company are also liked by the customers.
Lastly, If you hold the stock of Asian Paints with you in the coming times, then you can get a lot of returns because till now the company has given good profits to its shareholders.

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