Future Retail Share Price forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Greetings Folks! Today, we will discuss Future Retail share price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. We will predict the future share prices of future retail groups.we will use fundamental and technical analysis of the organization for this forecast.

On February 7, 2007, the corporation was established as Bharti Retail Ltd. Future Retail is a Future Group company. Future Group was established in the year 2013. Future Retail works in the retail industry.

future retail share price target

The head office is in Bombay, Maharashtra. Future Group was founded by Mr. Kishore Biyani, the Organization’s CEO.

Ecommerce, Insurance, Transportation, Integrated Foods, and FMCG are the significant pillars of Future Group.

Future Retail Limited operates departmental and neighbourhood stores that sell clothing, consumer items, and domestic items in various forms. Through its digital channels and over 1600 outlets, Future Retail provides thousands of clients in over 450 cities.

Future Retail Share Target Year Wise


Future Retail company fundamental Analysis

Future Retail has a Cash Conversion Cycle of -0.75 days, which is very effective.

The corporation has a high level of the leverage ratio, with average Operating leverage of 3.15.

The corporation has a lengthy history and a strong presence in organized retail.

Big Bazaar is among the country’s most potent significant retailers. Market Xcel in the organization put it sixth in the ‘Brand Asia – 2017’ Poll.

The firm has seasoned entrepreneurs and administration. Mr Kishore Biyani, the Future Group’s founder and Chief executive, is widely regarded as a forerunner of the contemporary retail sector In India. The company operates across India.

Future Retail company Shares Price forecast.

The prediction set for you for any given year depends on technical & fundamental analysis. In technical analysis, we use a considered number of measures to forecast the values of stocks. This is based on the present trend; however, the weight and performance may differ in the future.

In this article, I’ll tell you the price forecast for the Future retail stock in 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. Please do read the complete analysis.

Future Retail Share Price Target For 2022

The company’s current market cap is approximately 2,648.21 crores. We can’t use P/E to value the company because it has lost money recently.

If the previous year’s pattern is followed, the company’s value will reach a high of 74. The corporation is in tremendous jeopardy as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. There’s also little doubt that the corporation will have to put in extra effort to get out of this mess.

Based on Technical Indicators, we can develop two price targets for Future Retail shares in 2022. Using past support and Fibonacci retracement, we determine the 2022 goal. The first target was 37 rupees, and the second target was 42 rupees.

Future RetailShare Price Target For 2023

The firm is involved in the chain store industry. Most enterprises in the retail market are still classified as unorganized. In addition, the corporation is up against a lot of competition.

Future Retail has excellent management that understands how to stay afloat in this market. However, it may be tricky if the company does not perform well in the next 2-to to three quarters.

The price prediction for Future stock in 2023 is Rs 46, and the second prediction is 49rs.

Future Share Price For 2024

future Retail operates departmental and neighbourhood stores in various forms across the country, selling clothes, home goods, and consumer products.

The industry’s biggest strength is its pan-India presence. What is important is how the organization handles its issues.

Future stock price forecast for 2024. Future Retail’s first aim for 2024 is 56 rupees, while its second target is the  Fibonacci retracement mark, which is 65 rupees.

Future Retail Share Price For 2025

There is no question that the unorganized retail sector will become organized in the future. It will rise in tandem with the rise in people’s income.

However, its financial situation is at an all-time low due to its high debt load. “Big firms do not even have a big debt problem” is a general investment rule.

Based on the Fibonacci retracement level, the initial aim for the Future retail stock price objective 2025 is 81 rupees. 89rs is the second aim for the Future Retail stock price objective 2025. this analysis is done with the help of the Fibonacci retracement Cycle.

Mukesh Ambani’s support Reliance is acquiring the industry’s retail outlets (Big Bazar). According to recent reports, Ambani has seized control of 250 Big Bazaar outlets.

As I previously stated, the corporation has a massive debt of 11,198.52 crores. The likelihood of the business defaulting in the coming years is very high with this type of credit.

As per the present growth rate, the first aim for the Future Retail share price in 2030 is 179rs, and the second target is 198 worth rs.


If you intend to purchase in this business, you may be mistaken. Frankly, I dislike organizations that are massively in debt.

Reliance is also acquiring the industry’s Big Bazaar outlets. The actual state of affairs is yet unknown. The industry’s founders do not trust the company. They are steadily reducing their holdings in Future Retail. It is hardly encouraging for traders.

The business is experiencing numerous issues.

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