Lemon Tree Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Friends, today we will discuss the price objective for the lemon tree share target in 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030 and the type of growth Forecast for the company’s performance in the hotel chain business.

lemon tree share price target

On June 2, 1992, Lemon Tree Hotels (LTH) was founded. The company’s business is creating, buying, financing, refurbishing, administering, controlling, and marketing hotels, motels, and cafes. The company has built 750+ rooms in 10 resorts across nine cities, bringing its total number to 5590 in 58 hotels across 36 cities.

Even though the business has not exhibited as much progress in its sector in recent years, the strategy displayed in the Lemon Tree Accommodations industry, there is a chance of growth.

Today, we will closely inspect Lemon Tree Hotels’ operations. The firm’s prospects for the future will estimate how much income the Lemon Tree Hotels stock price goal will be in the years ahead.

Lemon Tree Company fundamental Analysis

In the year 1992, Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. became incorporated. Its current share price is 58. It has a current market capitalization of Rs 4200. crore. In the current period, the company reported a gross profit of Rs. 899.16 crores and a total profit of Rs. 979.53 crores.

Lemon Tree company Shares Price forecast.

The forecast I’ve made for you for each year depends on the basis and structural analysis. In technical indicators, we predict the value of shares using a variety of indicators. This is based on current trends; therefore, projected weight and performances may fluctuate.

This blog will provide a price projection for the Lemon tree stock in 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. Please take the time to read the entire analysis.

Lemon Tree Share Price Target For 2022

Due to the reduced effect of the COVID-19  outbreak, the authorities are lifting the restriction on the hospitality sector. For the first time in many years, the industry’s growth appears to be growing like before.

As India’s biggest recognised mid-segment operator, the hotel chain seems to be among the third-largest in the industry, with advantages that the business will undoubtedly gain.

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Many small hotel businesses were seen winding up during the Covid-19. Still, Lemon Tree has invested heavily to strengthen the quality of customer products during the disease outbreak and provide ease and convenience to its customers. As the ambience appears to be getting better, popularity in the hotel industry also increases. They will reap the most significant rewards.

Considering the company’s development in a short period, the lemon tree stock value objective displays positive development by 2022 and the first prediction of 64 rupees. After this target has grabbed your curiosity, the second target will quickly reach 69 rupees.

Lemon Tree Share Price Target For 2023

The company intends to work on things to add roughly 28 hotels and 2500 rooms in the coming months to help accelerate global profits. As the company’s hotel network expands in multiple places, growth is expected to increase. According to projections, the sales volume of Lemon Tree Hotels will grow by roughly 25 per cent as soon as the new hotel opens for operation.

With the market share increasing, the Lemon Tree stock price objective can be seen delivering excellent dividends by 2023, with the initial objective showing you roughly Rs 78. Following that, the second objective is 86 rupees.

Lemon Tree Share Price Target For 2024

The firm is always working on a massive intention to rebuild its hotel chain operations in various areas. The corporation operates 89 hotels with approximately 8,800 rooms under different brand names. The company has expanded rapidly in recent years, and they have a comprehensive plan to develop their hotels in every category in the coming months.

According to current market trends, we can predict that the company’s first share price target for 2024 is 87, and the second is 93.

Lemon Tree Share Price Target For 2025

Lemon Tree Hotels will operate under the franchise system in the days ahead with its brand equity. According to its equity Light approach, the firm will not own the facility but administer it independently. It will aid in the rapid distribution of information to many locations.

Lemon Tree Hotels is looking to make a thorough strategy to run under the franchise model in around 1490 rooms in the following days. The industry is fully spread throughout 56 significant sites in India. The management is expected to make a comprehensive plan to expand its franchise system to practically all of India’s top 150+ locations in the next five years.

The lemon tree stock price goal will reflect a very decent growth business by 2025.The industry expands under the franchise system, with the initial objective being 96 rupees. After that, probably hold the second objective for Rs 102.

Lemon Tree Hotels is seen expanding its business operations into every central sector to quickly enlarge the use of advanced technologies in every leading industry to take advantage of the increased growth in this sector.

The Lemon Tree Stock Price objective implies significant growth in business by 2030.As delivering excellent profits to the investors, with a probability of selling around the share price of 210 rupees.


The hotel industry’s unorganized customer base declines yearly as more people prefer branded resorts. As a result, Lemon Tree Hotels, as a successful company in this area, is forecasted to rise in its customer base with solid performances in the future.

There is no doubt that the hotel sector will experience significant growth shortly. If the leadership of Lemon Tree is capable of moving its company ahead according to schedule soon, it will as a good growth firm in the long term. However, before making any investment decision, remember to conduct a thorough analysis of the firm or get your financial counsellor’s advice.

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