Buy PNB Bank Share Price Target of 100 Rupees

Hello everyone I hope all is going fine! Today we are going to do a detailed PNB bank share price target and fundamental as well as technical analysis of Punjab National Bank (PNB). PNB was founded in 1894 in Lahore by great freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai with an initial capital of Rs. 2 lakh and 20 thousand as working capital.

The bank was founded in the idea of patriotism, and it was the first institution entirely controlled by Indians and funded entirely by Indian money. PNB has consolidated with 9 other banks during the course of its long existence.

Punjab National Bank has more than 180 million users and operates 1300 branch offices and more than 13500 ATMs Machines in India. Dwarka, Delhi is the headquarters of Punjab National Bank. Mr. CH S.S Mallikarjuna Rao is the current MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank.

PNB Bank Share Price Target Fundamental Analysis

The PNB was established in 1894. Its current stock price is $25.6. Its current market capitalization is Rs 43549 crore. In the most recent quarter, the company generated gross revenues of Rs.807498 crores and an overall profit of Rs. 935617 crores.

It has a BSE Code of 532461, an NSE image of PNB, and an ISIN ofINE160A01022.

PNB company Share Price forecast

The projection I set for you for any given year is based on technical analysis. In technical analysis, we use a considered number of components for prediction.This is based on recent trends; although, future trends and outcomes may differ.

In this blog, I’ll tell you the price forecast for the PNB stock in 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. Please read the whole article.

PNB Bank Share Price Target For 2022

In a bull case situation, HDFC Holdings has a purchase call on PNB with a target price of Rs.67. PNB has 6 months to accomplish the set target, according to HDFC Securities.

 In Q4FY21, PNB had poor performance compared to its peers. Continued CASA progress, on the other hand, is significant.

We presumed three possible stock price targets for the securities of Punjab nationwide bank. The first goal, which we will forecast, is around Rs.48.40, the 2nd share price target for the shares of Punjab national bank is around Rs.58.70, and the third share price target for the shares of Punjab national bank in the year 2022 is around Rs.65.87.

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PNB Bank Share Price Target For 2023

Due to the Covid outbreak, bank credit creation has been slow leading to a shortage of demand. However, there have been hints of debt resurgence as well as economic recovery since December 2020. A desirable liquidity situation and a progressive unblocking of the economy aided this.

We anticipated two possible share value price targets for the securities of Punjab national bank in this section, so we expect the first stock value goal for the stocks of Punjab national bank to be around Rs.74.25  and the second share price objective for the stocks of Punjab national bank to bearound Rs.87.60 for the year 2023

PNB Share Price For 2024

Despite a tough year, the Bank’s overall business reached Rs. 18,46,859 crore as of March 31, 2021, with gross global advances at Rs. 7,41,407 crore and gross global deposits at Rs. 11,06,375 crore. Due to weak loan growth, it was a deliberate choice to take it easy on deposits in FY 21 and lose roughly Rs 32500 crore in bulk deposits.

When we look at the quarterly results for Punjab national bank, we can see that there is something drastically wrong with the bank, notably NPA, which is around 14.86 until June 2021, which is not a good sign for any financial institution, so we are predicting two stocks goals for the shares of Punjab national bank, the first of which is around Rs.104.62 and the second of which is around Rs.106.92.

PNB Share Price For 2025

While we examine the data provided to us, we can see that the interest earned section of Punjab national bank did well and increased by as much as two times as their clients relied on them to place the financial savings of their bank debts by which they earned interest, so in this section, we presume two stocks price estimation in 2025 for the shares price  of PNB,

The first stock value objective for Punjab national bank shares is set at Rs.157.15, while the second share price target is set at Rs.172.85.

We try to estimate two share price targets for Punjab National Bank shares. The first share price target for Punjab National Bank shares is about Rs.270, and the second share price target for Punjab National Bank shares is around Rs.529.


So this is all we have In this blog, we have given a thorough evaluation of Punjab National Bank(PNB) Stock Value Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030.

We have attempted to include every factor of our blog that is important to know before investing in any particular shares in the company, such as firms ’ growth, drawbacks, share price target for the company shares, and we have tried to tell every relevant Fact regarding the shares of Punjab National Bank.

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