Indigo Share Price Target for 2022, 2023 and 2025

Today we are sharing the target of Indigo share, As of March 2018, InterGlobe Aviation(Indigo) operates the Country’s biggest customer airline, with a market share of 40%. The company’s services are used under the IndiGo banner. IndiGo is a low-cost carrier that primarily serves India’s domestic air travel market.

 It has a network of 160 aeroplanes, including 32 A320 NEOs and 5 ATRs from the current model. IndiGo now has 50 destinations with 42 domestic and eight foreign flights.

InterGlobe Aviation was founded in Lucknow on January 13, 2004.

InterGlobe Aviation Private Limited is a private limited company registered with the Company registrar Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal in Kanpur.

Technical analysis of Indigo company

The share price of indigo emerged stronger post-COVID. The company’s enhanced balance sheet of Rs 67 billion in cash anda competent management group in the aircraft industry.

The industry’s net profit has been steadily expanding in the last two years. The company is based in Pune and aspires to be one of the most powerful rivals in the Indian paints sector and one of the quickest expanding.

To boost the number of latex paints that need to be coloured in stores, the corporation has also added colouring equipment to its target markets.

IndiGo’s gross margin is higher than its competitors, at 49%. Thanks to a balanced combination of localization advantages and distinct product revenue.

Indigo Paints is India’s fastest expanding market because of its distinctive product line and bottom-up methodology. They were getting into the paint business.

Indigo share price target

In this article, we will try to predict the future share prices of the indigo company with the help of our different methods. The current share price of indigo is ₹ 1722.

According to various reports, The Indian aviation business combines with two conglomerates, IndiGo and Tata. They currently control 77 percent of the market share, resulting in a profitable success for Air India in terms of improved pricing. The economy will prosper.

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Indigo company share price target 2022

InterGlobe Aviation (Indigo) could grow to 0.34 due to a rise in Brent crude oil prices and the lack of a massive decrease in structural performance.

IndiGo surpassed one million visitors in April 2007. The carrier passed the ten million customer mark in June 2009. The company also received its 25th aeroplane during the period. InterGlobe Aviation secured another deal with Airbus in June 2011 for 180 A320neo planes.

IndiGo began worldwide operations in September 2011. It also became India’s largest regional carrier by market share throughout the month. InterGlobe Aviation received its 50th aeroplane in October 2011.

The share price target after analyzing the company’s performance our first target is ₹1890, and our second target is ₹2010.

Indigo company share price target 2023

IndiGo passed the 50 million passenger mark in December 2012. IndiGo received its 75th aircraft in December 2013.

 IndiGo passed the 75 million passenger record in April 2014. InterGlobe Aviation received its 100th aircraft in November 2014. IndiGo passed the 100 million passenger mark in March 2015.

 InterGlobe Aviation ordered 250 A320neo aeroplanes from Airbus in August 2015. InterGlobe Aviation reported on April 29, 2016, that Airbus has verified that it will supply 24 fuel-efficient A320neo aircraft to the business commencing in May 2016, as opposed to the previous intention of 26 A320neos.

The first forecast we set after reading current performance is that company’s share value could jump up to ₹2050 and our second target is ₹2260.

Indigo company share price target 2024

IndiGo and Travelport, a prominent travel e-commerce network, developed a strategic agreement on October 15, 2016. IndiGo would offer all its tickets and supplementary goods to Travelport-connected clients worldwide.

InterGlobe Aviation issued shares to eligible institutional investors under the institutional placement program on August 21, 2017,for Rs 1150 per share.

The institutional placement program consisted of a fresh offering of 3.4 crore stocks. An Offer for Sale of 1.11 crore shares from the business’s existing investors.

Two promoter companies sold a total 2.91 per cent share in InterGlobe Aviation through the stock market mechanism on the 13th and 14th of November 2017.

The share price target for 2024 is ₹2280, and our next forecast is ₹2560.

Indigo company share price target 2025

IndiGo became the first Indian airliner to perform 1000+ or more aircraft in a day on October 22, 2017, according to InterGlobe Aviation.

IndiGo also received delivery of its 31st Airbus A-320 Neo aeroplane on the same day, making it the first Indian carrier to have a fleet of 150+ aircraft.

InterGlobe Aviation informed stock markets on March 13, 2018, that it is grounding nine A320neo aircraft owing to an ongoing Pratt & Whitney engine issue. Following the Department Of civil Aviation instruction, the business decided to ground 9 A320neo aircraft.

After deep research of the company’s balance sheet and different ratios. The first forecast we set is that the company’s share value cloud jumped up to ₹2650, and our second target is ₹2970.


The technical and critical analysis of the Indigo Share Price Target has been completed. I believe you should purchase indigo shares at any cost now for the long run, but if you want to buy for the short term, you should look at technical analysis.

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